Terms of service and Privacy

■This service is provided to registered members only.
■It is necessary to agree and register to the terms of service in order to use this service.
■We prioritize members who have reservation.
■We will take care of your pet with favor and responsibility while he/she is in here.
However, about illness, accident, injured, death and running away during keeping your pet here, we will not take anyresponsibility of it if it happens accidentally and it’s not caused by us.
Also, we will not take any responsible for illness, accident, injured, death and running away caused by unexpected accident like earthquake, other nature phenomenon and fire which is not caused by us and we ask you to pay the full cost of treatment costs when you pick up your pet.
■We may take your pet to animal hospitals if his/her health condition becomes worse suddenly.
If we can’t contact customer immediately, we take him/her to animal hospital without any pre-approval to check his/her health condition.
Please note that we may ask you to pay the full cost of treatment costs when you pick up your pet.
■Service may stop if we judge that keep doing is impossible in case of following situations.・Ramping・Biting・Poor physical condition etc.
■Service may stop if they have many fleas. We recommend you to use medicine to remove the fleas.
■We are not responsible for following diseases during grooming or hotel service.・Patella dislocation・Dysplasia of the hip・Heart disease caused by overweight・Hyperpnea・Allergy etc.
■We may ask you to pay the extra charges of matted hair.(+550yen ~)
■We may have to decline your usage for the reasons below.
Aged pet
-More than 10 years old (Small, Medium size)
-More than 8 years old. (Large size)


Management of Personal Information

  • DOG SALON FLUFFY makes every effort to ensure customers’ personal information and recognizes that the proper use is an important responsibility.
  • We do not provide to third parties any sensitive information.

Use of Personal Information

  • Posting picture on magazine we issue and Website as well as in shop.
  • Distribution of mail magazine and advertisement.